Month: July 2021

4 Helpful Tips To Prevent Dry Socket

Jul 30, 2021

After tooth extraction, a blood clot forms at the procedure site and protects the naked bone and nerves. Caring for this blood clot is important for a healthy recovery. Sometimes, certain actions or infections can displace the blood clot and hinder the healing process. When this happens, you have a condition called ‘dry socket.’ This […]

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5 Ways to Heal a Burnt Tongue

Jul 30, 2021

Ever been so hungry that you ignore how hot the food is in front of you and end up burning your tongue? Don’t worry, there are many others like you. Having your tongue burnt can even make the bumps on your tongue disappear for a short time. If this happens, you should immediately find some […]

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Are There Any Alternatives to Getting a Root Canal?

Jul 15, 2021

This article will explore several alternatives to a root canal procedure. Let’s dive into them. Direct pulp capping It is an oral treatment that cures extensive damage or decay to your teeth that reveals your tooth pulp. A dentist may recommend it as an alternative to a root canal or tooth removal. This treatment involves […]

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