Oral Cancer Screenings In Friendswood, TX

Did you know that roughly one person every hour dies from oral cancer? According to The Oral Cancer Foundation, nearly 53,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oropharyngeal cancer this year, and almost 10,000 will die. What can you do to protect yourself? The best thing you can do is receive regular oral cancer screenings from a qualified dentist near you. At Friendswood Smiles, we want to help you protect your oral health. Let’s talk for a few minutes about who is at increased risk for oral cancer and what screening is like.

At our dental clinic we offer the best oral cancer screenings in Friendswood and our dentists use only cutting edge technology to offer these services, ensuring the best treatment.

Who Is at Risk?

Although every person should receive regular oral cancer screenings, certain people are at a higher risk for oropharyngeal cancer, per The Mayo Clinic. These are:

  • Use of any tobacco, including snuff, chewing tobacco, pipes, cigarettes, and cigars
  • Heavy use of alcohol
  • Significant sun exposure, which increases the risk of developing lip cancer
  • Previous history of oral cancer

What Is a Cancer Screening Like?

Your doctor will start the oral cancer screening by visually examining your mouth for red or white patches or mouth sores. Then he’ll use a couple of gloved fingers to feel your gums and the inside of your cheeks for lumps or anything abnormal. If you wear dentures, your dentist will ask you to remove them before beginning the screening.

Some dentists use a few other specialized tests to screen for oral cancer. This may include rinsing the mouth with blue dye before the exam. Any abnormal cells in the mouth should absorb the dye, making them more visible to your dentist. He may also shine a bright light in your mouth; healthy tissue will appear darker and unhealthy tissue will appear light.

If you have any of the above risk factors or just haven’t had an oral cancer screening in a while, reach out to us at Friendswood Smiles. We’re committed to helping our neighbors in the Friendswood area achieve and maintain their best oral health. Visit us today for oral cancer screenings in Friendswood!