Emergency Dentistry In Friendswood, TX

Providing the best quality of care for our families is the main priority throughout our busy lives. Our experienced team at Friendswood Smiles is eager to offer optimal care for every patient in the Friendswood area not only through routine treatment like exams and cleanings but during emergencies as well. Why is it important to have an emergency dentist on hand and what should you do in a dental emergency? Continue reading on to learn more about emergency dentistry in Friendswood, TX and other surrounding locations.

What is emergency dentistry?

Our team provides emergency dental care for any situation that may arise for a member of your family. Activities, such as high impact sports, can lead to damaged teeth or jaws. Accidents can cause chipped or missing teeth. Prompt treatment may also be required after biting down on something with too much force.

What type of treatments are available?

Our skilled staff can deliver exceptional care through a wide range of treatments that are customized to meet your unique needs. Dental implants, partials and dentures, or tooth extractions are all just some of the treatments which are used to resort to and correct smiles. We also provide preventative care which helps to avoid these emergencies from occurring in the first place. If you or your child participate in a high-impact sport, such as basketball or football, then we highly recommend investing in a high-quality mouthguard. These custom-made mouth guards can help to provide security and care for both the teeth and jaws. They are customized to perfectly fit your unique smile to provide you with the highest quality of care possible.

Emergency Dental Care

What should you do in a dental emergency?

It is always recommended to call our team at Friendswood Smiles right away for any of your dental needs, especially in the event of an emergency. We can prescribe you with any needed medications to help avoid pain or discomfort. Contact our emergency dentist in Friendswood for the best in class dental services and care. Schedule an appointment with us today!