At Friendswood Smiles in Friendswood, TX, we believe that every patient should have access to proper dental care. For patients with or without insurance, we have options available to help you get affordable care and keep your teeth from becoming damaged or going without treatment. We use advanced technology and can install dental implants, perform surgical procedures, and provide 24-hour emergency dental care. Our hours are flexible, so give us a call for more information about your oral health and to learn about your financial options.

Accepted Insurance Plans

So that every patient can get the care we believe they deserve, we accept most PPO insurance plans. Our office doesn’t accept HMO insurance plans, so speak with one of our dental staff members to discuss how we work with your insurance and what the best option is for your treatment. If you are unsure of your specific insurance policy, we recommend that you speak with a representative of your insurance company and get the information you need to know to get dental care.

Additional Financing Options

If you have additional expenses, or if insurance is not an option for you, we accept CareCredit. CareCredit is an option for paying for medical expenses in convenient and affordable payments, so you do not miss out on important appointments. If you are worried about paying high fees for dental treatment, consult one of our dental team members to determine how CareCredit can help you get critical oral care.

Current Promotions at Friendswood Smiles

Our office makes an effort to provide services at an affordable price for all patients. We have a new patient special for $99 as well as free consultations for dental implants and second opinions. We also do free consultations for wisdom teeth and are offering 50 percent teeth whitening specials. For more information about promotions at Friendswood Smiles, speak with one of our dental staff.

You can call our office or stop in for a visit to schedule a dental appointment to discuss options for your dental care or to get additional information about your insurance or CareCredit options.