Dental Fillings In Friendswood, TX

Dental fillings are used to close up and seal off holes and cracks in teeth. Most commonly, fillings are used to fill a hole in enamel after decay has penetrated the hard-outer covering of the tooth. The process of getting a filling is simple and usually takes about an hour. Your dentist at Friendswood Smiles will take x-rays, then numb your teeth and gums. The decayed material is drilled out, then the dental filling is placed. It takes a few hours for the numbness to wear off. The filling material may be metal or composite resin.

The process noted above concerns simple dental fillings when the decay hasn’t penetrated the deeper chambers of the tooth. The deeper a cavity penetrates, the more likely it is to cause infection in the pulp, the living substance of the tooth. An infected pulp chamber is extremely painful and may require a large filling or even a root canal.

However, for the initial treatment, you can schedule an appointment for dental fillings in Friendswood, TX.

Types of Cavity Fillings from Friendswood Smiles

  • Amalgam filling has a long successful track record. It’s tough and resists to stress and pressure, which makes it ideal for the molars, where chewing is concentrated. Amalgam is dark-colored and can be noticed when you smile or laugh.
  • Composite Fillings: Composites are made of a durable quartz or glass material which is tinted to the color of your natural teeth for a perfect match. They work well for small to moderate areas of repair.
  • Ceramic: Porcelain ceramic is also tinted to match your teeth and is more resistant to staining over time than composites.
  • Metals: Gold or silver are the most common metals in use as dental fillings. Gold is expensive, but it’s bio friendly and is very durable. Silver is also tough and long-lasting.
  • Glass Ionomer: This is a mixture of acrylic and glass that releases fluoride into the tooth over time, but glass ionomer has to be replaced sooner than other filings, as soon as every five years.
Some people prefer the look of metal fillings, while others prefer a complete color-match with composites and ceramics. Whatever the case, book your appointment with Friendswood Smiles today for the best in class dental fillings in Friendswood. Visit us now!