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Dental Bonding In Friendswood, TX

Damaged teeth can be an inconvenience. Fortunately, they can be effectively restored with dental bonding. At Friendswood Smiles in Friendswood, your dentist can use dental bonding to repair decayed, chipped, fractured, or discolored teeth. Dental bonding is a simple, quick, and affordable procedure that can be completed in just one dental visit.

At Friendswood Smiles we are a team of experienced and certified professionals that offer dental bonding in Friendswood, TX, ensuring the best in class services and care.

What is dental bonding used for?

Dental bonding utilizes composite resin, which is shaped to restore the damaged tooth and then polished to match the surrounding teeth. It is often used for cosmetic purposes, such as to improve the appearance of a discolored or chipped tooth. It can also be used to change the appearance of a tooth in shape or size, closing gaps between teeth or making teeth appear longer, as well as to protect a portion of the tooth’s root that has become exposed as a result of gum recession.


Unless the tooth being treated is decayed, bonding does not require special preparation or anesthesia. Your dentist at Friendswood Smiles will first clean the tooth being treated, then slightly etch the surface to roughen it. This helps the bonding material to adhere more securely to the tooth surface. A conditioning liquid will then be applied to the tooth to further help strengthen the bonding. The bonding material is applied as a tooth-colored, putty-like resin, which will be molded and smoothed into the desired shape and size. It will then be hardened with an ultraviolet light or laser. Once it has been hardened, your dentist will trim and shape it to match your bite. Finally, it will be polished to match the sheen of the surrounding teeth. The entire procedure usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour for one tooth; additional teeth may require separate appointments.
Dental Bonding

Caring for dental bonding

Because bonding is easily stained, it is recommended that you avoid tea, coffee, cigarette smoke, and other staining substances after the procedure in Friendswood has been completed. Additionally, it should be noted that composite resin is not as strong as natural teeth, so you should be careful not to put excessive force on treated teeth, which may result in damage. Bonding may need to be replaced after a while.

For a simple procedure to improve the look of your smile schedule an appointment at our dental clinic or walk in to avail dental bonding in Friendswood. Also, while you visit us check if you can avail our discounts and offers to save on some money during the treatment.