Are There Any Alternatives to Getting a Root Canal?

Jul 15, 2021 | Blogs, root canal

This article will explore several alternatives to a root canal procedure. Let’s dive into them.

Direct pulp capping

It is an oral treatment that cures extensive damage or decay to your teeth that reveals your tooth pulp. A dentist may recommend it as an alternative to a root canal or tooth removal.

This treatment involves placing the material over the pulp that has been exposed. The application of this material creates a layer of minerals on the tooth. This in return provides protection to the uncovered pulp and speeds up the process of tissue repair. After the placement of capping material, your dentist will fill the tooth.


Pulpotomy is one of the alternatives to root canal. During this dental procedure, the surgeon removes the pulp. Just like the pulp capping, this procedure is done when the pulp is revealed because of decay.

One thing to keep in mind here is that pulpotomy is not the same as pulp extraction in a root canal procedure. As opposed to the root canal, during a pulpotomy, the root canal and the nerves of the tooth are protected.

The procedure removes the swollen pulp. Later, the material is poured into the tooth, making a recovery faster and hindering bacterial growth.

Next, a filling is applied to the tooth. To restore the treated tooth, dental restoration, typically a crown, is placed to keep the tooth away from damage.

This procedure is usually carried out on children that still have primary teeth or whose adult teeth are still developing. For adults, this procedure is only carried out during an emergency. To get rid of the ache until the root canal is performed.

If there are signs of infection or irreversible damage to the pulp, a pulpotomy isn’t recommended. In this case, a pulpectomy or extraction will be necessary.

If your dentist suspects an infection or such damage is done to the pulp that cannot be reversed this procedure is not a good bet. Pulpectomy or tooth removal is recommended in this case.

Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is a procedure that removes your entire tooth. This procedure is suitable for cases where the tooth is severely damaged, or there’s extensive decay. You’ll go with this alternative when your dentist says that the tooth is beyond repair by root canal.

In some cases, tooth removal is simple and is easily carried out in the dental chair. During the procedure, the dentist will use forceps to hold the tooth. Then the tool is moved into different positions to loosen the tooth will allow easy removal.

On the other hand, some extractions are really complex and need an oral surgeon. This kind of removal involves cuts and stitches. It’s even possible that the surgeon will break the tooth into smaller pieces before removal.

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