Use of Mouthwash – before or after brushing, which is better?

Oct 30, 2021 | Blogs, mouthwash

Flossing and brushing have always been considered as two blocks of foundation that hold the entire oral regime. Nowadays, people have understood the importance of using mouthwash. It gives the entire routine an added boost with its multiple benefits. However, if you are a recent user, the order question must linger in your mind. Should mouthwash be used before or after brushing?

The order does not matter; focus should be to use it in a way so that it shows its maximum potential. To deduce that, we need to see the benefits and its mechanism of working; then we will be able to understand which set is best.

Choosing the Right Mouthwash

A mouthwash can greatly aid in preventing oral cavity diseases like plaque, gingivitis, halitosis, dry mouth, etc. Mostly, mouthwashes are similar to one another. When choosing the right option, people often incline towards alcohol free mouthwashes because it does not dry up the mouth. Look out for mouthwash containing fluoride, which aids in mineralization, with an ingredient that fights bacteria.

Firstly, establish in your mind that mouthwash cannot take the place of a regular brush and floss technique. Mouthwash, be it before or after, should be used along with brushing. It will only accentuate the effects of the said pillars.

Let’s have a look at different combinations.

Mouthwash Before Brushing

It is not really ideal, but when we use the mouthwash before brushing, there are good chances of plaque breaking up, which would help ease clearing during brush and floss. However, it is advised not to do it because mouthwash is supposed to work for fresh breath, and rinsing with water would negate the whole point.

Mouthwash After Brushing and Flossing

It is the most effective and standard practice in many households. Considered the best combination since brushing and flossing will clear out food debris, bacteria, and other unwanted items while the mouthwash tops it up. It leaves the mouth squeaky clean, and fresh.

Use of Mouthwash Both Ways – Before and After Brushing

Have you ever thought about using mouthwash both times, before and after brushing too? I guess not. It is not a common practice, but some people have tried this combination. The thought behind this is to loosen up the plaque and decrease the bacterial invasion beforehand. All the while, brushing, and flossing would do what it does best. Then rinsing off with mouthwash again to get maximum results.

It doesn’t really matter which order you choose; just make sure not to skip what is necessary.

Properly brush, then floss and finish strong with a mouthwash. Be careful with the choice as well. Carefully check the label and instructions on the bottle. Some may require dilution; some may have extra ingredients that might be allergy causing.

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