Scared Of Braces? Don’t Worry, It’s Not Painful To Get Them On

Sep 15, 2021 | Blogs, do braces hurt

If you have braces on, the most asked question repeatedly must be, “do braces hurt?” isn’t it?
It is a common misconception that the placement of braces on the teeth is painful. The good news is, it’s not. One thing should be taken into account: you might feel discomfort and pressure right after getting them on. But it does not last for long.

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Why Do Braces Hurt?

Wondering why do braces hurt when you get them on? It’s not a painful process but rather the phenomenon on which it works to straighten teeth is.

Braces are used to align your teeth. To do this, they put pressure on them, which is why your mouth hurts after putting on braces. Nowadays, we have modern aligners designed specifically to reduce pain, but they have their cons.

How Long Do Braces Hurt?

After placement, there may be irritation and pain, which is due to the wires putting pressure on your teeth. This pain lasts for about five days to a maximum of a week. After this, the pain fades away. The surrounding cheek and lips might take a little while to adjust with the new entry in their territory.

Placement day

On placement day, the setup will not be painful at all. Right after that, it will hurt a little due to the pressure. You will need some time, but it won’t take much to adjust to the change. It is advised not to get straight to eating right after getting them on. For the first few days, soft foods and shakes should be your choice.

Day Two

The day after and the following two days can be uncomfortable. The teeth start to realign, which is happening due to bone changing its direction, so that’s got to hurt a bit. You can do multiple things to reduce the pain, which is discussed in the latter part of this article.

After a week

After a week, the pain and discomfort are mostly gone, and the oral cavity accepts it with open arms. Having meals becomes easy, although the right choice of food is necessary. Any hard food would detach the braces.

Soothe Your Pain – Remedies to Help You Get through This

  1. Ice Packs or Ice cream
  2. Is there anything that ice cream can’t fix? The pain and inflammation is reduced by eating ice cream or putting a pack on the outer cheek if direct contact is painful.

  3. Soft Foods
  4. Choice food, as emphasized above, is very critical. Hard foods will break it away from your teeth, causing extreme pain, and you will have to go through the process of getting them done again.

  5. OTC Painkillers
  6. They provide good relief for the time being. There are multiple options to choose from, gels, syrups or tablets.

  7. Orthodontic wax
  8. Constant contact between your cheek and braces will tear the tissues inside. Orthodontic wax is a good option as a soft barrier between them, reducing wear and tear.

Friendswood Smiles have experts who can guide you through this journey of smile restoration. So put your fear hat aside and hop on because the results are going to be worth it. Give us a call at 832 895 1905 for information and more.