Professional Whitening Treatments Including Zoom Teeth Whitening Can Offer Faster Results

Feb 1, 2020 | Blogs

Are you ready to whiten your teeth but are confused by the countless whitening options available like DIY strips, trays, paste, professional in-office treatments or at-home kits? After reading this article you will understand exactly which option you should be choosing along with the pros and cons of the choices explained.

Walking through the aisle of a supermarket you may have noticed many teeth whitening products that are promising you the moon with claims that promise to change the color of your teeth in just a few weeks. It may sound great but the question is whether these products can work the way you want them to? In this article, we will discuss how at-home teeth whitening kits compare with in-office Zoom whitening in Houston we will be providing you with an honest review.

What Are At-Home Teeth Whitening Solutions?

As mentioned earlier a quick stroll through the supermarket aisle or even a search on a popular online store will reveal how many products you can choose from. Giving you a list of all the products available will be difficult but we can certainly list out some of the common categories of teeth whiteners.

Whitening Strips

Among the bestselling over-the-counter products are the teeth whitening strips which cost just about $ 30 for a box from a leading company. This product can whiten your teeth but the results will only be visible after weeks simply because they do not have dental-grade potency that in-office treatments can provide.

Whitening Gels

When people talk about at-home whitening kits they are generally referring to teeth whitening gels. These kits begin from about $ 20 but can go substantially higher. You will be given whitening trays in which you must insert the special whitening gel. These trays can be effective but common complaints that are heard from users mention the trays are ill-fitting and the treatment provides uneven results.

You can decide to give over-the-counter products a shot if you just want to whiten your teeth a shade or two and are also working on a tight budget.

Charcoal Powders

Millennials are increasingly considering charcoal powders as a popular over-the-counter whitening treatment. Professional teeth whitening from a dentist has certainly proven as the safest and effective treatment but some people are still wary about the chemicals that are used with these procedures. While you may have nothing to worry about using activated charcoal as a whitening paste it is an option that is available if you prefer it.

Why Consider Zoom Whitening Treatments?

Zoom whitening treatments have been used by over 10 million people and its effectiveness has been documented widely. Given below are the three primary advantages of this treatment.

  • Speed. With Zoom whitening in Houston, you can whiten your teeth by up to 8 shades in just about an hour. These results will not be available to you from any other at-home whitening treatment.
  • Experience. While some at-home whitening kits are effective they can be difficult to use as people tend to get frustrated in about 3 to 4 days and quit using the products.
  • Results. With the kind of results offered by Zoom whitening within the hour, it will be impossible for you to get similar results from any other product currently being offered on the market.

What Options Can Be Considered for Teeth Whitening?

You can consider over-the-counter kits if you’re not interested in spending a substantial amount of whitening and do not want to make an appointment with your dentist. The problem is people who opt for these kinds often use them incorrectly. The bleaching solution should not make contact with the gum line because it can cause gum recession and dental sensitivity. Moreover, they aren’t effective against dental crowns that would have been placed on dental implants and are therefore better used only in an emergency.

Professional whitening treatments that include in-office zoom teeth whitening can provide faster results along with at-home whitening treatments that are supervised by a dentist. These treatments can provide the same results as in-office treatments but the only downside is the price which can range from $ 500-$ 1000. The FDA has approved the use of ACP and professional products like Zoom whitening have integrated it to provide safer and healthier whitening.

Professional whitening agents that are regulated and only dispensed by dental professionals can lighten teeth by about seven shades but the trays are custom-designed and fit precisely on the patient’s teeth to ensure the bleaching agent is applied as recommended. Therefore using professional whitening treatments including Zoom teeth whitening is suggested for effective and faster results.