How Safe are Root Canals

How Safe are Root Canals

Oct 01, 2019

Having a sweet tooth? Craving for chocolates and desserts? It is sad if you are controlling yourself from eating the sweets and puddings you want because of your tooth problem. People with cavity and teeth problems envy people who have beautiful smiles and shiny teeth. Those who maintain bad oral hygiene generally suffer from bad breath, cavity, tooth damage and have to go through certain treatments. But the scariest is root canals. It is needed to cure the tooth and prevent it from any future infection. Root Canal dentists repair the tooth from inside and seal it. Generally, people find root canals painful. But it is not the case if getting it done from the right dentist.

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Root canal treatment: All you want to know

    1. What is it and when is it needed?

Experiencing discomfort in your tooth? Does it hurt so bad that you can’t chew your food? A deep cavity or a damaged tooth makes your teeth prone to infection and to cure it root canal is needed. A root canal is a treatment or therapy that is done to eliminate the infection in the tooth. It is done to protect it from future damage. It is safe and highly recommended by the dentists to save the tooth. You must visit your dentist once in a month. He will be able to identify the problem at a superficial stage. If you visit him for a regular check-up, you can avoid the pain of this treatment.

    1. Cost and Procedures of the treatment

The cost of the root canal varies from place to place and dentist to dentist. It depends upon your locality usually. You should seek treatment from the dentists who offers you the best treatment at a reasonable cost.

    1. Alternatives to the root canal

There are alternatives to the root canal like tooth extraction. In a root canal, your natural tooth is saved by removing the infection from it but in tooth extraction, your tooth is completely removed. People usually opt for a root canal to save their natural teeth.

    1. Is it painful?

What happens when your dentist tells you that you need a root canal? The first thing that comes to mind is excruciating pain. People usually think that the root canal is painful but it is not the case. With modern techniques and good dentists, your root canal can be performed with less or no pain. It is not painful if performed under a professional surgeon. Before treatment, they numb your tooth by administering anaesthesia to eliminate your pain. The pain that you experience during the treatment is from an infection. It is not because of the treatment. A dentist always prescribes some antibiotics after the treatment to relieve your pain.

    1. Measures of prevention

It is usually heard from wise people that precaution is the cure. If you do a little best on your part major problems can be avoided. It is advised by the dentists that you must take care of your oral dental hygiene. You should brush regularly, visit your dentist once in six months, floss, avoid sugary beverages, and change your brush once in two months.

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