IMPORTANT facts about Dental Bridges

IMPORTANT facts about Dental Bridges

Aug 16, 2019

What is the Dental bridge or Tooth Bridge or Teeth Bridge?

When there is a missing or lost tooth, a dental bridge can help restore it. It is effectively developed fake tooth that can take place of lost teeth. This is the best option with which the dental surgeon can help restore the tooth function and appearance.

Different types of dental bridges

There can be different types of dental bridges and they are:

  • Fixed bridge – Fixed bridges are the most typical dental bridge which can replace one tooth effectively. This may include the development of crown for hiding both sides of lost tooth.
  • Bonded bridges – Bonded bridges or resin bridges are plastic crafted teeth that can be reinforced into gums using metal structure. These bridges are bonded to the present teeth for better functions.
  • Cantilever bridge – Cantilever bridges can go well when one side of the lost tooth is to be corrected. This can be used even on the front teeth.
  • Nesbit Bridge – This is a suitable option for those looking for an affordable substitution. This comes as a detachable partial denture which can fit well on the back tooth.

Dental bridge procedure

The procedure starts with the preparation of the area for bridge placement. After this, space for a dental crown is made in the mouth to mount it over the tooth. The procedure is carried with anesthesia for the comfort of the patient.

Dental bridge problems

Bridges may take time for patient to adjust but with time it gets normal. Choosing a healthy diet can actually help keep bridges for long. One must properly brush and floss.

How much do dental bridges cost?

The cost of bridges depends on various factors like the form of bridge used, the experience of dentist and the condition of the patient.

Dental bridge replacement

If proper care is taken, bridges can stay for five to fifteen years and even longer. It is thus important to maintain good oral hygiene for better results. One must also make regularly visit a dental clinic for maintaining oral health.