Dental sealants as a means to prevent your child’s tooth cavity

Dental sealants as a means to prevent your child’s tooth cavity

Sep 01, 2019

Formation of cavity is common in children’s tooth nowadays. But if proper steps are taken, the occurrence of such a phenomenon can be prevented. So, how can it be done? It can be achieved through the process of tooth sealing. Find dentistry in Friendswood, TX to learn more. As of now, basic information regarding it might be of some help.

Meaning of dental sealants

A dental sealant is a kind of coating on the surface of the teeth. It is coated on that part of the teeth which is used for chewing. There are several benefits of dental sealants. For one, it can help in the prevention of tooth decay. It is mostly used to avoid cavities in the tooth of children.

Which is the best age to have dental sealants?

Dentists recommend the use of dental sealants for kids between the age group of six and twelve. It is because that is the time when the first and second permanent molars appear. Dental sealants are highly effective when those teeth come in. Various dentistry in Friendswood, TX like Friendswood Smiles has experts to provide information about dental sealants for kids. They will assess your child’s tooth and let you know whether or not he needs a dental sealant.

What is the procedure?

The treatment is a simple one. First of all, the dentist will ensure that your child’s teeth are clean. This step is important because if not checked, some germs will stick to the sealant forever. And then the chance of tooth decay will augment.

Then, the dentist will move on to the second step. This will involve the application of some gel on the tooth’s surface. After that, he will clean that off using water. Once this is done, he will dry your child’s tooth. Thereafter he will apply the dental sealant. It is in liquid form. He will use UV light to harden it so that it settles on the tooth. Only a few moments is required to get the job done.

Dental sealants in Friendswood, TX like those from Friendswood Smiles can last up to 10 years. So, you can be assured of your child’s tooth for that period.

How do dental sealants prevent cavities?

The grooves found in your child’s teeth helps him in chewing food items. However, those are the portions which are prone to cavity formation too. The dental sealant forms a protective shell over those depressions and helps your child fight cavities. The dental sealant does not even need daily brushing for its maintenance. Hence, it is advisable to see a doctor and get it done for your child if you feel the need.

What are the after-effects of having dental sealants?

Your child need not worry. More often than none, dental sealants are colourless. It would hardly be visible when your child speaks. He might feel different while consuming food. But he will adjust to it slowly and gradually. Dentists do not provide any diet plan for kids having dental sealants. So, he can eat or drink whatever he likes. However, it is better to stay in touch with a dentist. Follow the instructions he suggests. Take your child to visit him often.

Dental sealants for kids might be a difficult decision for parents. It is therefore suggested to have a conversation with a qualified dentist before making a decision. Dentistry in Friendswood, TX like Friendswood Smiles has extensive experience in this field. You can clarify all your doubts there.

What are other steps that can be taken to prevent cavity?

Apart from dental sealants, here are some other ways to look after your child’s teeth.

  • Place a limit on food items that involves too much of sugar.
  • Ask your child to brush his teeth twice everyday.
  • Visit your dentist frequently. He will let you know in time if he finds any problems in your child’s tooth.

Dental sealants are a great mechanism to keep your child’s tooth in a healthy condition. But it becomes your duty as a parent to care for it after the procedure is done. With due attention, your child’s oral health will remain strong. And that will ensure a confident smile for life.